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Soli-Tone LumiFacial
What is the LumiFacial and how does it work? The LumiFacial treatment combines the application & interaction of

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 -"The eyes are the windows to your Soul", where the eyelashes

 implement  just that. 

             Are you tired of your short, damp eyelashes? Do you want to get long, curvaceous lashes and become the envy of everybody? Perhaps you don't have enough time to apply false eyelashes day-after-day. Applying false eyelashes is not as easy as it appears especially when you are in a hurry and can look terrible if not done right .

           Enjoy tumbling out of bed looking bright eyed and beautiful. Among the reasons people are opting to go with lash extensions:
•Eyelashes frame your eyes. You will look fabulous without other makeup on, yet still NATURAL.
•Lash extensions typically last 3-4 weeks
•They're light and painless
•You're going to need less time for makeup and getting ready
          Using false eyelashes can be an excellent option if you want to increase your lash length and volume without having to use tons of mascara every time you want to emphasize your lashes.

        That means that each false lash is individually bonded to one of your own lashes, creating the most natural look possible.For me, it’s a matter of pride that every single lash be positioned exactly right, to maximum effect. Provided You don’t rub your eyes or use oil-based make-up remover, the false lashes will stay stuck to your real ones until the latter fall out, which they do every four to six weeks without correction.

Superior lashes for superior results 
My lashes are soft and curved. They each have a flat base and a fine, polished tip, just like natural lashes. They even appear to have their own root. The result is virtually weightless, natural looking lashes that are comfortable to wear.

Finest quality materials
My lashes and adhesives are made from ther best quality materials from Europe. When applied by our lashes by me, you can be sure they will hold and stay looking good however active or busy you are! They'll stay put whatever the activity, even swimming.

Darker than natural lashes, no need for mascara!
Nouveau Lashes are darker than natural lashes, so you won't need to wear mascara. That means you can shower, exercise, swim, sleep and even cry without worrying about your fabulous new look.